How to Apply Chebe Powder on Short Hair


Chebe powder is famous for helping the women of Chad grow long hair. But it’s also a wonderful treatment for short hair. This amazing powder deeply moisturizes hair and makes it stronger. That’s an advantage whether your hair is short or long.

There are a few things to know about all chebe hair treatment. Chebe powder is usually mixed with oil to form a paste. Never let the paste touch your scalp. This could cause irritation. Allergies to chebe powder are rare, but it’s always a good idea to do a 24 hour patch test before you treat your entire head.

You can use chebe powder to make a deep-conditioning mask:

  • Combine 4 teaspoons of chebe powder with 8 teaspoons of coconut oil or shea butter.
  • Massage the mixture into damp hair. Wear a shower cap while you wait, to avoid oil and powder on your furniture.
  • Rinse out after 2-4 hours. You may have to shampoo twice.

Chebe powder can also be used to make protein mask.

  • Mix 1 tsp. of chebe powder with 2 or 3 eggs.
  • Massage into hair and let it sit 30 minutes .
  • Shampoo.

For the best results, you can try something closer to the traditional method used in Chad. Use the instructions above to mix up a double recipe of chebe oil. (Africa Imports also carries pre-mixed chebe oil).  Then:

  • Divide your hair into sections.
  • Massage chebe oil into each section. If your hair is long enough, braid the section---you’ll end up with little braids all over your head.

Let the mixture sit in your braided hair for up to a week. During that time, the chebe will dry. It may look as if you have mud in your hair, but the results will be worth it. At the end of the time you’ve chosen, wash out the chebe mixture. You may need two shampoos.

Your hair will look beautiful—soft, shiny, healthy. Now decide where to go to show it off!