How to mask shea butter smell


Shea butter is a star among natural skin care products. It moisturizes, heals eczema, and doesn’t clog pores. However, not everyone enjoys its earthy smell. Because it’s a natural product, not every batch will smell the same. Smell your shea butter to make sure it hasn’t spoiled.

  • Shea butter should smell nutty and earthy, sometimes with a hint of chocolate.
  • If it smells like vinegar or rotten food, throw it out. It’s spoiled and can’t be fixed.
  • If it has a strong smoky smell, try melting it over low heat, and then keeping it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.



If you want to add fragrance oils to raw shea butter, make sure everything you use is very clean. This will prevent your shea butter from spoiling. When you add oils:

  • Make sure you use airtight containers. Glass and plastic are both fine.
  • Fill the jar with shea butter before using oils.
  • Mix oils together before adding them.
  • Use a dropper to place oil in the center of the jar; then mix. That way, oils won’t get stuck on the side of the jar.
  • Give your shea butter time to rest and solidify before you use it.

Finally, store your shea butter in a cool, dry place. Ideally, it should be less than 75 degrees. Like all natural oils, shea butter can spoil. It will last longer if you store it properly.