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    I wore this dress to church and got 5 orders.

    ~ Sherry in Milwaukee, WI


    This Kente dress was a hit at a school  Black History Program

    ~ Karen in Hollywood, SC


    My husband is using the Vitamin oil and I like the Coffee Eye butter I see a slight difference in puffiness since using it daily. ~ Wanda in Colorado Springs, CO


    Everything was perfect. Thank you for following up with me. 
    ~ Lucretia in Lakeland, FL


     The order again meet and some items exceeded expectations.
    ~ Keydra in Baton Rouge, LA

     Thank you for what you are doing for African people ,  African continent and African diaspora.

    ~ Adolph in Clarksville, TN

    My order was everything I expected and more. I was 100% satisfied.
    ~ Margaret in Cordova, TN

    Everything was great arrived fast so I could wear on my cruise thanks so much
    ~ Jim in Milwaukee, WI

    Written Testimonials

    My clients are growing a dependence for these products which is providing an increase to my shop's income.
    ~ Gavin in Conyers, GA


    I love Africa Imports. Their clothing feels wonderful not stiff and cheap like other distributors. The jewelry is unique and priced great. You don't get the same old stuff. It's quality.
    ~ Angela in Jersey City, NJ


    I had a close friend catch a whiff of my fragrance and compliment me. I then began explaining that I sell oils among other things.
    ~ King in Wedgefield, SC 


    I love everything ~ Patricia in Crowley, TX


    I love the reasonably priced products ~ Michele in Charolette, NC


    I've been a wholesale customer for over 1 year and my experience has been a great one.
    ~ Curtis in Springfield, TN 


    I'm constantly given compliments of the things i purchase from this site.
    ~ Sulaimaan in Columbus, OH

    They loved the product that simple got my 1st order after purchasing the $49 dollar seller kit- Great Products
    ~ Sylvester in St. Louis, MO


    Very unique items that you rarely seen online and certainly not locally available.
    ~ Kevin in Novi, MI


    I love the african culture..and look forward to being a customer and can’t wait for my items to arrive. ~ Jean in Wedgefield, SC

    I was surprised at how many fragrance oils they had and how inexpensive they were. I would recommend.
    ~ Najja in Stockton, CA


    ~ Carolyn in Youngsville, NC


    I love African Imports, they have a great selection. ~ Fay in Elizabethtown, KY


    I feel like my body will thrive off of to become a stronger man. ~ Cliett in Valley, WA

    Never had a problem with this company. I'm a stickler for customer service and their staff is very helpful and know their products

    ~ Linda in Quincy, FL


    So many beautiful outfits , I could hardly choose the one for me and my husband.
    ~ Wanda in Killeen, TX


    We Appreciates down through the years, you being there for us, with prices and Quality.
    ~ Reginald in Chicago, IL


    Each time I shop with Africa Imports the experience is nice. When I call to place an order each rep is nice.
    ~ Karen in Spartanburg, SC 


    This order sold out same day it was delivered. Thank you for AMAZING PRODUCTS.  
    ~ Kiyana in North Charlston, SC


    Those fans were awesome!!!  We were excited and super proud to be able to give each person one and there were request for more.  
    ~ Barbara in Charlottsville, VA


    Africa Imports made it easy to find the first products for my business. 
    ~ Brittany in Alexandria, VA


    My most recent experience was fantastic. The look of the website was flowing and I understood where everything was.
    ~ Teresa in Virgin Islands


    I use the African Black Soap every day on both my body and my face and it’s absolutely amazing. The results feel as if I’ve applied a facial mask by only washing my face
    ~ Timika in  Pontiac, MI


    I used your drop-ship feature for the first time about two weeks ago and WOW! I checked in with my customer and she had already received the order! You all do such a wonderful job at what you do and your business advice helps me run my business exceptionally well! ~
    ~ Anissa in Riverview, FL


    The products are selling out really fast and the customers are satisfied with the top quality goods.
    ~ Unaisi in Japan


    When people see me they feel around knowing that I am proud of my Afrikan roots. 
    ~ Shakemion from Dothan, AL


    We really appreciate the information that was sent to us regarding the how to play the D'Jemba drum as well as the history of the instrument. Being able to understand where this beautiful drum comes from was so exciting to share with our actors. 

    ~ Catherine in Highland Heights, KY


    I am grateful that a company would be interested in helping me gain knowledge and provide me with the tools to help me improve my lifestyle.
    ~ Gwen in Chicago, IL


    Africa Imports has essential oils, fragrant oils, incense, clothing, accessories and more. I was blown away by the oil and the fragrant quality. It's all good!
    ~ Scorpio in North Las Vegas, NV 


    The soaps and lotions sell themselves. After one smell you are hooked.
    ~ Derrick in Newark, CA


    I have been dealing with this company for over a decade. They get better and better with time. I have always been satisfied with the quality of the products, and whenever I needed to call to speak to someone, it was great customer service.  

    ~ Gale in Hampton, VA 


    I appreciate the new selections that are regularly offered, as well as monthly web specials. 
    ~ Yuma from Denver, CO


    There is so much to learn from Africa Imports and it's a very educative and supportive platform to help any one start up their own business  

    ~ Josephine from Oakland, CA


    When people see me they feel around knowing that I am proud of my Afrikan roots. 
    ~ Shakemion from Dothan, AL


    The best African products on the market and they give back to the people of Africa! 

    ~ Crystal in Jasper, GA


     Africa Imports has an undeniable business model that would make it easy for any entrepreneur to start a successful business
    ~ Byine in Snellville, GA


     What I really like about shopping with Africa Imports, is that my purchases helps feed families in mother Africa. 
    ~ Deon in Georgetown, SC 

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