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    Send a great big thanks to Africa Imports for great products, prices and service on every order. 
    ~ Barbara in Brooklyn, NY






    My body butter uses your Shea and mango butters. My customers LOVE IT!!!  Since I've started shopping with Africa Imports, I refuse to shop anywhere else!
    ~ Dovanna  in Salsbury, NC

    I was the host for Black Poet Matters. I changed my jewelry that I purchased from Africa Imports. I allowed my jewelry to speak for me.
    ~ Crystal in North Carolina

    Here’s a photo from a customer. See how they make their black soap more valuable to their own customers.
    ~Robert in Auburn, CA


    Nothing can top my satisfaction with the grandeur of the fabrics I ordered. In every way, your company has far exceeded my expectations.
    ~ Minister Darren in Tulsa, OK


    "I love your prices and products. Everything I've ordered has been beyond my expectations. Thank You"
    ~Queen Nandy of Snellville, GA






    I started taking the Black Seed and I am trying to be more of a vegetarian.  I very much hope the bitters will help cleanse my body. I am trying to focus on detoxification, better nutrition lifestyle changes as well

    ~Ricardo in Stockton, CA


    The essential oils and immune boosters that I ordered played a vital role in caring for my loved ones during this pandemic. I cared for my mother and one of my daughters that was having some illness symptoms with peppermint oil, clove, rosemary, and the immune booster.
    ~ Carolyn in Tuscumbia, AL



    Love shopping! My daughter is making a hit with customers styling your designs!
    ~ Miriam in Salisbury, NC


    Written Testimonials

    I am planning to do a resell business and I think these products will be great. the prices are AMAZING!
    ~ Kamesha in Las Vegas, NV


    I love natural, organic things on my body. I like the fact that I can order mostly everything I need from Africa Import even when I'm unsure or have questions, I get can through to speak with a representative easily. fast. 
    ~ Athena in Highland Park, MI


    Africa Imports has great quality products, on time shipping, amazing business tools, and most of all SELL OUT ITEMS!
    ~ Chaffa in Dallas, TX


    I have been loving my experience with African imports, speedy delivery, they always respond immediately, they keep me in the know of inventory, they give insights on how to build new business/ Team work makes the Dream work.
    ~ Leslie in Little Rock, AR

    A total one stop shop for everything you need. I am so happy I found this! ~ Karla in Tampa, FL

    I recommend African import to other friends that I have who also resell items that are listed on this website, the prices keep prices affordable for our clients.
    ~ Nathaniel in Jacksonville, FL


    Thank you and your team for everything you've done for me and my small business. 
    ~ Ebony in Lauderhill, FL


    All I can say is, WOW!!! I have sourced many vendors for products, but your company is hands down the best.
    ~ La-Kisha in CT


    Everything is fine. I sold every item.
    ~ Felicia in Belleville, IL


    The African artisans that produce these fine soaps and the Shea butter really know their craft.
    ~ Brent in AZ


    I love the fragrances.
    ~ Alvia in Missouri City, TX


    Where have you been all my life? Brother, I love the products. 
    ~ Gustavo in Hallandale Beach, FL


    When I give samples out I tell people that I get my product from the mother land. I hopefully will be visiting Africa next year.
    ~ Patti in Hawthorne, CA

    I wanted to buy everything all at once but I need to stay focus on what I’m looking for lol only for now though I will be back to order more.
    ~ Kitalya in Ridgewood, NY

    The quality of Africa Imports drums is superb and second to none. We will never purchase drums from anywhere else.
    ~ Jeremy in Glen Daniel, WV

    I love that I am supporting business in Africa.
    ~ LaNee in Garfield Heights, OH


    Each experience with African Imports has been excellent.
    ~ Shapan in Little Rock, AR


    I apply the oils and receive compliments all day about what I have on.
    ~ Elon in St Louis, MO  


    The Hibiscus healing tea is soooooo delicious! 
    ~  Dre’chir in North Las Vegas, NV


    The pricing is doable their shipping time is awesome 
    ~ Jesse in Louisville, KY


    Every box I receive gives me so much joy unboxing it. The smell of the products inside the box is amazing.
    ~ Michele in Beaufort, SC 


    I love that the products are NATURAL
    ~ Mason in Chelsea, MA


    everything is easy to find or you can search for items you are familiar with! I love all the options and appreciate the variety.
    ~ Shaina in Altoona, PA


    I understood the price of each item I also like the fact that they give educational resource for people who are looking to get into business of their own.
    ~ Kittie in West Palm Beach, FL

    I’m excited about giving my youngest daughter the start up business kit at 11yrs of age.
    ~ Keneithia in Nacogdoches, TX


    The person I spoke with on the phone was very nice and helpful, she answered all of my questions and some.
    ~ Jermaine in Keansburg, NJ


    Fabrics are BEAUTIFUL and such great quality materials!
    ~ Antonia in San Pablo, CA


    The customer service was wonderful instead of just making a note on invoice they took the time to email me that some items might be out of stock. 
    ~ Renee in Cottonwood, CA


    The instruments are amazing quality.
    ~ DM in Schenectady, NY  


    Pricing and descriptions are direct and affordable on the wholesale and retail spectrum. 
    ~ Tyler in Elmhurst, NY 


    I love that there's a large variety. 
    ~ LaToya in Chicago, IL 


    The products are natural/herbal and healthy for you. They provide all the information you need for you to have a successful business. 
    ~ Raquel in Pacoima, CA   


    "I was totally unprepared for the experience I received with my first African Imports' purchase. It was amazing! I was very pleased and will purchase from this company again."
    ~ Diarist in Baltimore, MD


    "Stumbled upon this site... GOLD MINE! I can not WAIT to pick up my order because I'm super excited to make my products and incorporate a new skincare line into my store."
    ~ Jasmine in East Orange, NJ



    "I absolutely love this site! They have everything !!! The prices are so good that’s why I keep buying buying buying! The descriptions of the products are great. The shipping is very quick. Things you can’t find at stores are on this site. The extra things that come with your orders (catalogs, flyers, DIY instructions) are reasons why I will continue to do business with this company. I love them!"
    ~ Online Customer



    "When the packages arrive it is always neatly and securely packaged."
    ~ Online Customer


    "I love this company I just received my first order everything was better than expected"


    "The colors of the clothing were vibrant, everything was packaged nicely."
    ~ Claudia in Ogden, UT 


    "Africa Imports is awesome!"
    ~ Peter from Perham, MN

    "I started my online business wanting to help people learn how to use herbs instead of chemicals. Africa Imports has been great for me. "
    ~ Bridgette from Kings Mountain, NC

    "Africa Imports is a great company who has always helped my business out a lot over the years."
    ~ William from Columbus, OH

    "This company is amazing and the quality of the products are the bomb! YES!"
    ~ Marsha from Eustis, FL

    " It makes me feel good that I can get items directly from Africa and for them to be authentic and well-made”.
    ~ Tiffney from Chicago, IL

    "The orders arrive promptly and they never disappoint. Love this company."
    ~ Pamela from Philadelphia, PA






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