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    "I love your prices and products. Everything I've ordered has been beyond my expectations. Thank You"
    ~Queen Nandy of Snellville, GA

    I started taking the Black Seed and I am trying to be more of a vegetarian.  I very much hope the bitters will help cleanse my body. I am trying to focus on detoxification, better nutrition lifestyle changes as well

    ~Ricardo in Stockton, CA

    The essential oils and immune boosters that I ordered played a vital role in caring for my loved ones during this pandemic. I cared for my mother and one of my daughters that was having some illness symptoms with peppermint oil, clove, rosemary, and the immune booster.
    ~ Carolyn in Tuscumbia, AL

    Love shopping! My daughter is making a hit with customers styling your designs!
    ~ Miriam in Salisbury, NC

    THANK YOU. Many have been asking me about what I have on. A doctor wanted to know where I got my Defiant Walking Stick.
    ~Debra in Willis, MI.

    "Africa Imports is authentic and original with a touch of African heritage and African roots. As a business owner, I absolutely love the soaps, butters, oils, and balms."  ~ Robin in Aurora, IL 

    I received my order yesterday in a very timely fashion. I loved everything I ordered and the awesome free gift. ~Crystal in Wilmington, DE

    Africa Imports... what can I say... my chairs have been ‘rebirth’ with most exquisite mud cloth. ~Rachel in NJ

    I bought this dress, and my daughter-in-law said, “Mama, you should wear a shirt over that dress to tone it down.” I told her, “Aishah, hippies don’t tone down.” ~ Linda in Maiden, NC

    The fabric you gave out for free really did come in handy to help those who could not afford or did not have access to face masks.
    ~  Kelly in Racine, WI

    Here is my photo in a traditional sarong and a traditional skirt. ~ Theola in Mobile, AL

    I’ve already made my two curtains and redressed an ottoman!!
    Plan on making a matching skirt and shirt set soon!!

    ~ Danielle in Hatboro, PA

    We loved the material. Here are a few happy people with masks. Thank you so much again and be safe. ~ Kecia in Tacoma, WA

    Kecia received free fabric from Africa Imports, and gave away her masks for free to people needing them.

    I loved all the products and have sold half of my first delivery already! Followed the steps in your videos (which were great) and just sent out emails to friends and family. Included some samples to each of them, and a thank you card. I even delivered the product from my car to save money on the shipping. Placed two more orders with you guys yesterday,

     ~Carmen in Henderson, NV

    I wore this dress to church and got 5 orders.

    ~ Sherry in Milwaukee, WI

    Written Testimonials

    "Africa Imports is awesome!"
    ~ Peter from Perham, MN

    "I started my online business wanting to help people learn how to use herbs instead of chemicals. Africa Imports has been great for me. "
    ~ Bridgette from Kings Mountain, NC

    "Africa Imports is a great company who has always helped my business out a lot over the years."
    ~ William from Columbus, OH

    "This company is amazing and the quality of the products are the bomb! YES!"
    ~ Marsha from Eustis, FL

    " It makes me feel good that I can get items directly from Africa and for them to be authentic and well-made”.
    ~ Tiffney from Chicago, IL

    "The orders arrive promptly and they never disappoint. Love this company."
    ~ Pamela from Philadelphia, PA

    " I also loved that you had SDS sheets attached to every product that I needed to purchase."
    ~ Meme from Clementon, NJ

    "The customer service is EXCELLENT. Also, the scents are amazing."
    ~ Colette, Antioch, TN

    "There's no other oil that is stronger or long lasting than Africa Imports."
    ~ Bursheka from Tulsa, OK

    "Your oils are the best! Had to order more! I'd recommend Africa Imports to anyone looking into making some extra $ while helping a vast majority of other people! "
    ~ Wesley from Rio Rancho, NM

    The benefits of the hair products have the small hairs on my neck finally growing."
    ~ Debra from Twin Falls, ID

    "The clothing are beautifully made as well as the jewelry. Very satisfied."
    ~ Valencia from Los Angeles, CA

    Perfect for getting those items that will complete that "World Traveled" decor in ANY home!"
    ~ Carlos-deShaun from Bowie, MD

    When I have contacted Africa Import in the past I am always greeted with a pleasant attitude and willing to help me, it didn't matter what my problem or question I needed help, with whom ever was on the other end of the phone they were there to help me.
    ~ Otis in Los Angeles, CA


    The experience is like a taste of cultural elegance without the price of extravagance. It’s like walking inside a rainbow of ethnic expression and finding a part of yourself in clothing you can afford. The entire experience is close to traveling to the Motherland with friends you didn’t know you had.
    ~ Abigail in Charlotte, NC

    I began to desire to start a home base African cultural business that reflected who I was as an African American. I also love that my purchases support African countries and the people, along with their communities. I loved the fact that African Imports is a company that gives back to others in need. Such, reflects the essences of who I am.
    ~ Aretha in Oakwood Village, OH

    These are the best oils I have ever purchased . Have turned my family on to these amazing products, and my customers can not get enough.
    ~ Jeanne in Hollis, NY

    Africa Imports has the BEST oils, prices and service. The oils smelled even better than the originals, are very well priced and the bottles are huge!
    ~ Michelle in Visalia, CA

    The products made me glow as I went through them. I couldn't wait to introduce my products to my customers, because I knew they would be just as exciting as I am.
    ~ Brent in Jacksonville, FL

    I ordered a few of their chebe products and added it to my new regimen and boy let me tell you its easy to use it smells good it slides right on my hair and its actually helping me with my hair process
    ~ Isis in Oklahoma City, OK

    As we are building our Company we are building relationships with companies that are focused on the same goals we are. Africa Imports is one of those companies that we have fell in love with and supports our efforts to spread Peace Love Health Harmony and Balance to every customer we service.
    ~ Vincent in Jacksonville, FL 

    I went to work yesterday and received compliments by women about how my skin look and feel. 
    ~ Cory in Savannah, GA 

    It is a relief that a company does what it says. From the freshness of the products to the care taken with packaging and shipping, African Imports has done all of the right things for me to be a returning customer.
    ~ Raymond in Laurel, MS

    I love supporting African businesses.
    ~ Joyce in Los Angeles, CA 

    I’d forever recommend Africa imports! They have literally everything you need for hair and skin!

    ~ Angela in Killeen, TX  

    The shea butter worked wonders on my feet.
    ~ Jon in Denver, CO

    I am very pleased with every product I have purchased and so are my customers, they can't seem to get enough.
    ~ Lafarr in Toccoa, GA

    Love how they package your items with care and concern. Love the products.
    ~ Kim in Kettering, OH 

    I contacted this company through their instagram platform and got very quick responses and clear answers to all of my questions. I am impressed with the customer service.
    ~ Chelsea in Brooklyn, NY

    I have very sensitive skin and in the past I have never been able to use over the counter products. I'm very pleased I was able to find such natural products.
    ~ Angelica in Bay City, TX

    I love this website. I love the products, and my customers love the scents as well. i would recommend this website to everyone that i know. The prices are great and the smells are wonderful also. I have been a customer for about a year now.
    ~ Bianca in Kokomo, IN

    When it comes to finding that unique product that stands out to my customers, always my go too source for quality wholesale products.
    ~ Sharif in Niagara Falls, NY

    Love my dress! Very excited to order items for my home.
    ~ Darrah in Shalotte, NC


    Everything I loved ~ Megan in Houston, TX

    This is the third time I have ordered and i have yet to have any problems with the products I have bought or sold to other's, No complaints.
    ~ Florence in San Diego, CA

    I love the oils with natural smelling sents. You have to try it!
    ~ Kendith in Tampa, FL

    Shopping with Africa Imports makes me feel like I'm shopping with a purpose because I know that I'm helping others make a living while I enjoy quality products that also see people enjoy.
    ~ Karlett in Gulfport, MS

    They gave out 12 $100 gift spendings and I got one. I was so surprised . This was to help during the corona virus.
    ~ Mary in Lebanon, KY

    Africa Imports had almost everything I was looking for. I am highly impressed at their email electronic response time it is very quick. My first experience was Great.
    ~ Natasha in Des Moines, IA

    Excellent quality products. Fast shipping.
    ~ Adrian in Statesville, NC

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