The 5 Incredible Healing Powers of Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil


Litsea Cubeba is one of the most unheard of essential oils, but it's also one of the most effective, deliciously scented, and powerful! Because of its odd sounding name, people aren't quick to identify with it and pass it over. However, Litsea Cubeba has one of the most incredible, fresh, citrusy scents of any essential oils AND it is excellent for improving your health and wellness.

What Is Litsea Cubeba?

Litsea Cubeba comes from the May Chang tree in Asia. The tree bears whitish-yellowish flowers that have a characteristic citrusy fragrance and has fruit that looks similar to peppers. The aroma of Litsea Cubeba has been compared to lemongrass or lemon verbena.

What Are the Benefits of Litsea Cubeba?

#1 - Litsea Cubeba Reduces Stress and Anxiety Scientific studies have shown that Listsea Cubeba can induce relaxation and reduce stress, while creating a calm, peaceful feeling in the home. Simply use the oil in a diffuser, bath, or massage oil to feel calm and refreshed.

#2 - Litsea Cubeba Can Reduce Acne Breakouts Litsea Cubeba has gentle astringent properties and is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This makes it excellent at clearing acne-causing bacteria from deep within the pores. It also helps to reduce the swelling and redness associated with acne. Simply mix 7 or 8 drops of Litsea Cubeba with Jojoba oil or your normal face lotion to experience its benefits. Your skin will smell great too!

#3 - Litsea Cubeba Can Keep Colds and Flu Away! Because Litsea Cubeba is naturally antibacterial and antiviral, it is a great way to keep germs and disease away from your home. Simply put a few drops in a diffuser or vaporizer to fight away respiratory problems and illness.

#4 - Litsea Cubeba Curbs Indigestion and Flatulence Litsea Cubeba has been widely used in Chinese medicine to help fight indigestion and flatulence. Whenever you're dealing with digestive issues, simply mix 4-5 drops of Litsea cubeba with any carrier oil (like jojoba oil or olive oil) and massage onto your stomach in circular motions.

#5 - Litsea Cubeba Can Combat Athlete's Foot Litsea Cubeba is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, which makes it a great treatment for athletes foot, ringworm, or any other type of fungal infection. Simply add 5 or 6 drops of Litsea Cubeba to a carrier oil or foot lotion and massage it into your feet. You can also add the oil to a foot soak to enjoy its benefits.

Where Can I Find Litsea Cubeba?


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