Tips for getting the next sale


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When someone buys something from you, don’t just say thank you. Say “Thanks a lot. If you like this, will you come back to me for more later” Then tell them that you will do something special for them if they do. You can give them a $5.00 off coupon; tell them that next time you will give them a customized product for free; or come up with something else that would be special for the person you are talking to.

Your best customers will be the people who have already bought from you before. Be sure to give the best possible service to each person who buys from you. Make it a point to offer something to each customer at the moment that they first make a purchase from you. You will have a better business in a few months when you do. Don’t read this and forget it though. Start doing it right away before you forget and lose any more chances.

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