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    12 Surprising Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

    Create a healthier you on the inside and outside with black seed oil. Here are 12 benefits of black seed oil you may not have heard before:

    Cancer Prevention

    Studies found that black seed extracts protected healthy cells and destroyed tumor cells while increasing the levels of antibodies in the body. It also contains antioxidants, boosts the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties, all key components of cancer prevention.

    High In Antioxidants

    Black seed oil contains powerful antioxidants that help prevent oxidative stress to cells and the cardiovascular system, including thymoquinone, which has shown to protect against heart, liver and kidney disease in animal studies.


    A natural antihistamine, black seed oil has been shown to destroy microorganisms in lab tests.


    Research shows black seed oil has the ability to destroy different bacterial agents in the digestive tract, including candida and E. coli.

    Blood Pressure

    Several studies have shown that the substances in black seed oil can help reduce blood pressure.

    Immune System Support

    Many health officials claim that black seed oil boosts the immune system by increasing immune reactions and the production of antibodies.

    Allergy Relief

    A study of 152 patients in 2003 showed that black seed oil helped reduce symptoms of allergies and may be an effective treatment for allergic reactions. Another study of 600 patients found that black seed oil relieved allergy symptoms in 70% of the cases.


    One study found that black seed oil helped reduce blood sugar levels. This may help diabetics balance glucose and insulin levels after meals.

    Respiratory Health

    Black seed oil has been shown to be effective for treating asthma and reducing the symptoms of respiratory infections like coughs and bronchitis.

    Digestive Aid

    Black seed oil helps the body process toxins, stimulates stomach bile and can act as a laxative.


    Studies show black seed oil can help eliminate sleep disorders when taken internally before going to bed.

    Healthy Skin

    Black seed oil may be an effective treatment for chronic acne.

    That's Great! But how do I use it? Find out more about black seed oil and how you can use it by clicking here.

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