5 Ways to Increase Your Sales this Black History Month



1 - Discount Impulse Items
This is an old idea but so often overlooked. Store owners know that “Save $15″ is a much more powerful message than “20% off” and they also know that the best time to sell an extra item to a customer is when they come to pay at the checkout counter. Experiment by combining the two and display only discounted impulse items near or on the checkout counter.

2 - Change Up Your Window Display
How often do you change your window display; or the way your products are shown in your booth? Try changing your window display every day! Your display does not have to be really complicated, but use your creativity and imagination to change your window every day and create an illusion of movement.

3 - Music Helps Sell
In a recent study French and German music was played on alternate days for two weeks in a British supermarket. During the two week period there were in-store displays of German and French wines. The statistics showed that French music led to French wines outselling German wines, whereas German music led to German wines outselling French wine. Results from a questionnaire suggested that customers were unaware of the effects of music on their product choices. Music is an essential element in any store because it can be used to create atmosphere, ambiance and add texture to the environment. Can you think of a way to use it to directly influence product choice in your store?

4. Your Customers Have E-Mail
Now that almost everyone has an email address you can build a database of your customers e-mail addresses. Ask customers if they would like to hear about seasonal sales, the arrival of new items etc. by e-mail. Don’t give them a form to take away and complete because most will never come back. Just keep a pen and lined paper handy, and at a suitable point, ask them what their email address is and write it down for entry into your newsletter mailing software later. You only need to be successful at collecting a few email addresses every day and by the time your sale comes around you could be emailing hundreds of previous customers to let them know about it!

5. Update Your Signs
Small store owners can be divided into those that care about in-store signage and those that don’t. Poor signage, too many signs, misleading messages, spelling errors and signs written in black felt marker all send a negative message about your store and product. With the wide availability of desk-top publishing programs and cheap high quality ink-jet printers it’s no longer hard or expensive to create professional-looking signage.

Decide what type of signs you need and for each kind select the key components. For example, title, price, product knowledge, ideas for use etc. then set up a template for each type of sign on your computer or publishing system. This will make it easy for you to create new signs quickly and easily.

Choose a simple two or three color scheme and stick to it throughout the store. Make sure your signs are clear, easy to read, and uncluttered. Change the signs regularly so that regular customers don’t get bored. Remember that signs are a silent salesperson, and they are always there when the customer needs them, can say everything about the merchandise that you would want them to and works all the hours your store is open.

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