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African Recipe of the Week: Chopped Egg Salad from Senegal



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In Senegal, this salad may be used both as an appetizer or as a salad following the main dish. Enjoy this delicious, light salad anytime this summer! 

How To Make It! 

In a salad bowl: 

Combine 2 to 3 cups any kind of lettuce, and arrange in mounds on 6-7" salad plates. 

Chop 4 hard boiled eggs finely (or put through sieve). 

Sprinkle eggs heavily over the mound of greens. 

In a jar: 

Combine: 1 cup salad oil (use part olive oil If possible) 

1/2 cup tarragon vinegar 

1 tsp. garlic powder (or crushed cloves) 

1 tsp. salt 

1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper 

1 Tbs. salad herbs 

2 Tbs. honey 

Shake thoroughly. 

Serve dressing separately. Want to find more African recipes? Check out our African Recipes Page.