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AIDS Orphan in Congo



Every month Africa Imports pays for food and some other operating costs for a group of orphanages in Congo. Sometimes we get photos of some of the kids along with a brief sentence about them. Here's the photo and sentence we got this week about one of newer kids.

 This is Dugrace - he is new to the Mpila orphanage. Both of his parents died of AIDS and he is HIV+ and has spent weeks in hospital but is presently in fairly good health. His legs are covered with sores they are trying to treat. The money that we send to these orphanages makes a big difference for some of these children. What is bigger than this though is when our wholesale customers grow their businesses here. When products made in Africa are available for people here to own; people in Africa can earn a living and buy the things needed for life. When African products are promoted by wholesale customers here, many more people are able to have food, medicine, and the chance to build a better life for their families and communities. Africa Imports wholesale customers who understand and love African clothing and artwork help thousands more people in Africa when they pass on their enthusiasm to others here. 

If you're not a part of this now, I hope that you will think about getting started. What Africa Imports gives is nothing giant; but it is a major part of what we do. We are currently sending between $4,000. and $5,000. per month to support these children. This is a little bit more than I am paid as the owner/president; and my paycheck supports just me and my family. The same amount of money in Africa buys food and other needs for several hundred children. What is bigger than this though is what all of us do together when the craftspeople in Africa can be paid for their products that we are marketing here. You can see more details about these orphanages here. You can visit our website homepage here. And you can find out more about having your own business selling African imported products here.