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Another Update from Mpila Orphanage in the Congo

11/19/2009 16:34


Africa Imports pays for three meals a day for over 100 orphan children in the Mpila orphanage in Congo. We can’t do this without your purchases, and as a thank you we’d like to tell you about this young boy who has found a home there.


"Hi T boy prayer warriors, This is Djibery. The baby of my tboy group. He probably isn't even 4. He can barely see to look into our kitchen window to ask for water and stuff. This picture was taken from the kitchen. He fell down the stairs recently so he has the booboo on his head. Pray for safety for him and for his mama to want him back while he is still little. So sweet!, Denise/Tanta Xadi" Thank you for caring about African products. The sales of African products not only helps the craftspeople in Africa, but we couldn’t help support places like the Mpila orphanage without you.