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Baby Antoin Left at Moukondo Orphanage

12/14/2009 15:27

Baby Antoin

At Africa Imports, a percentage of the money we make goes towards supporting the Moukondo Orphanage in Congo. We pay for the cost of meals and expenses for about 200 orphan children. Here’s what a friend of ours who works with the orphanage said when she sent us this photo. "This is dear little Antoin. He was left at a maternity after his birth. He is doing so well and staying so healthy. Very few of the orphans know what their last name is - they sure know their first names though. The Lord knows just how to record their names!! Thank you for giving. Barb" 

So this letter is not only a thank you to you, any customer of Africa Imports, for being a part of this program to help children, but it is also a request for prayer for the needs of children in Africa and around the world. If you’d like to find out more about this orphanage and what we do in the Congo just Click Here.