Celebrating Independence Day in Morocco - November 18th




The Moroccans are a fiercely proud race; proud of their lineage and proud of their independence. But then it is quite natural, given the fact that the Moroccans had to secure their freedom after many hard-fought and bloody battles. On Independence Day, Morocco sees an absolute outpouring of joy and celebration.

About Morocco's Independence

Morocco broke free from years of French colonial rule with the return of King Mohammed V in 1956 from his exile in Madagascar and Corsica. On November 18th, 1956, King Mohammed V proclaimed Morocco’s independence. He was crowned as King of Morocco the following year. Independence Day is marked by a speech from the King and a lavish parade by the Royal Armed Forces through the streets of the capital. Morocco has been under the rule of many a power throughout its history. Although the Independence Day in Morocco (18th November) celebrates its freedom from the French rule, the grateful Moroccans have not forgotten the sacrifices of their heroes in driving away the Spanish conquerors. So in the month of June, there are Morocco independence celebrations to mark the freedom of the country in 1975 from Spanish rule.

Today is an occasion to hail the efforts and sacrifices of the Moroccan people, who sacrificed lives and money to achieve the independence of the country and subsequently to place it amongst the democratic, modern, moderate and open countries. Happy Independence Day Morocco! Find out more about African holidays by Clicking Here.