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Coronavirus Crisis In Africa

04/07/2020 15:31

Coronavirus has caused tremendous economic problems for many people in Africa. Africa Imports also pays many people in Africa who do not make products for us. These are generally school teachers, medical workers, and people who do job training. We have strong long term relationships with most of these people, and offered to give $100.US to each of these people who we thought could help others living around them. One person named Magesa who we gave $100.00 to, gave $50.00 to a man who is now out of work with children to support, and the other $50.00 to the woman shown below.


Here is what Magessa wrote back to us about her. This woman has affected by Cancer on her breast on chest and the doctors send her to a big hospital in Tanzania called Muhimbili, and up to now she still struggling with the payment of her treatment, but because of Corona virus at her home they can't go to sell their materials in the market because they are not allowed to take long time to the market. So i gave her also hundred thousand Tzs ($50.00US) Magesa was so conscientious about this, that we just sent him another $100.00 to help others with as well. Business and finances are hard for all of us right now. Even relatively small amounts of money can make a huge difference for some others with even more difficult lives than our own. Thank you again for your business with Africa Imports.