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Deodorant Danger - Why Choosing Natural Deodorant is Essential

06/21/2016 09:28

Deodorant isn't really one of those 'fun' purchases that you light up over and can't wait to buy. Deodorant is considered by many an essential - you get it because you have to, because we all don't want to smell bad, and many of us just look for the cheapest, best-smelling thing we can find. This was me for most of my life. This is most of us. But unfortunately, this kind of thinking can be dangerous. What we put on our body is often absorbed by our skin and can have a great impact on our overall health. Here are some of the ingredients found in non-natural deodorants that you should avoid:

Aluminum -  Aluminum helps to stop perspiration, but it has also been linked to a number of health issues including seizures, breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Bone formation disorders, and Kidney problems.

Parabens -  Parabens are used as a preservative in many skin care products, but what most people don't know is that they mimic estrogen in your body. They can throw off your body's normal hormonal balance and cause early onset puberty, increase your risk of hormonal cancers, and even cause birth defects. Parabens can be labeled as parabens, methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, and butylparaben.

Pthalates - Pthalates help personal care products to maintain their consistency. However, pthalates also disrupt hormone receptors which can increase the risk of birth defects.

Propylene Glycol - Propylene Glycol is used to increase absorption and keep personal care substances from drying out. Yet this commonly used personal care ingredient is a neurotoxin and skin irritant. It can cause damage to your central nervous system, heart, and liver.

Triclosan - Triclosan is an antimicrobial product that kills bacteria, fungus, and other microbes. Sounds good, right? Well, the only problem is that triclosan was classified as a pesticide by the FDA and a probable carcinogen by the EPA. Triclosan has also been linked to a number of different problems including disruption of the endocrine system, increased risk of cancer, and increased allergy symptoms.

Are Deodorants Really That Bad? Almost any mainstream non-natural deodorant you find at a department store will contain one or all of these ingredients. Studies show that these ingredients are absorbed into our bodies when we apply them under our arms. Do you really want to be putting these ingredients into your body? It's especially important to steer clear of antiperspirant deodorants, as those contain the most dangerous ingredients. Keep in mind that sweating is actually your body's way of detoxing your body. Antiperspirant ingredients plug sweat glands temporarily, sending the toxins our bodies are trying to flush out back into the lymph system, which is the bodies defense against infection. This increases your risk of getting the side effects associated with these harmful ingredients.

 Where Can I Find Natural Deodorants? 

You can often find a natural deodorant at your local health food store, and even some department stores will carry one brand of natural deodorant. However, often these particular brands have been marked up quite a bit by the department store so they can come with a hefty price tag. Here at Africa Imports we have a large selection of natural deodorants that contain healing natural ingredients that work to restore your skin like shea butter, virgin coconut oil, black seed oil, and more. You can see this selection of natural deodorants here.