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Getting Ready For Busy Season!

09/09/2014 16:31

As a business owner there is no other time of the year as exciting (and as stressful) as your “busy season”. The potential growth and profit this season brings is great, but it also has the ability to either make or break a business. And this can be very nerve wrecking. Still a lot of stress can be reduced if you know how you prepare. Here are a few simple tips to help you have a less stressful, more successful busy season. (You should start getting ready at least 4-5 months in advance)

1. Stock Up- Few things are more depressing than running out of your most popular items during the busiest time of the year. Examine your inventory carefully. Consider last year's demand, as well as any hot new item from this year. Make sure you have plenty of your top sellers on hand. Also be sure to bring in a good selection of “impulse buy” items, as these can make a considerable difference in your profit margin. 

2. Organize- Messiness leads to confusion. Confusion leads to mistakes. Mistakes leads to unhappy customers. Take time to make sure all of your items are presented and stored in an organized fashion. Also, have your work area set up so that the most popular items are the easiest to get to. 

3. Announcements- About a month before your busy season, begin marketing. This time of the year is the perfect time to introduce new products/services, promotions, company news, etc. Send your announcements out early enough (via email, blogs, social media, etc) so that your customers can have something to look forward to. Get your customers as excited for the season as you are!

4. R&R – After all of your hard work and preparation is complete, sit back, take a deep breath and relax. This can seem difficult (as excitement and anxiety start to increase), but it is very important. As we all know, it is extremely hard to deal with hectic days with little to no rest. The best way to eliminate extra stress is to be well rested when your busy season begins. Your have prepared well. Get ready to have a great busy season!