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How to get more customers without a lot of money

07/08/2008 08:48

“PRAISE THE MOST HIGH!!!!!! Thank You! I’m quite satisfied with your products, I’m impressed with the ingredients, the turn around is good, no long wait! Thanks again!”

Cathy from Indianapolis, IN

When I ask our customers this question, I get the same answer over and over again. The absolute #1 help to getting more sales is having popular items available when your customers are ready for them.

For each person who buys from an Africa Imports catalog, there are probably 20 people who will buy from you if you have the products on hand right now. If your customer can give you their money and take their product right away, your sales will go up fastest.

What would you think if you walked into a store that only had a few products. If there was a bunch of empty space; and the store looked almost sold out; you would probably want to go somewhere else. Successful stores know that if you want to get customers easiest, keep more products available for your customers to buy.

So what do you do if you don’t have much money?

Be sure that you keep at least the fastest selling low cost products on hand all the time. If you have some soaps, African oils, t-shirts, dashikis, and other easy impulse items available, you will get more sales and more new customers than you can ever get with a catalog alone. You might still lose some sales, but you will still give most new customers something to start with you on.

You still want to give catalogs to your customers; but keep as much product available for people to buy from you now as you can. The more you invest in products, the more you can sell, and the more customers you will have coming back to you again later.

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