Making A Difference - Children in tough situations




Here are two of the young girls you are helping by purchasing products through Africa Imports. Many times we post pictures of smiling children, reading, playing and eating food. However we don't often show the tough situations some of these children who are not orphans have to deal with.

These young ladies provide a pitch perfect example of the hard lives most of these children have to deal with even though they still have living parents. Caregivers checking on the families reported stagnant water surrounding their houses and also in their flooring making hygiene and general well being a real concern.


The caregivers named Brice and Mireille could not believe it – "how do they survive???" The children had been at one time given mosquito nets to protect them in the night from the very serious likelihood of obtaining disease from the insects. Unfortunately their parents sold the nets, a harsh reminder that tough decisions must be made to be able to provide an income for the family in such a economically poor area.


It is in fact a somber reminder why we work with these families, orphanages, and outreach programs. Through each purchase you are helping these families take a step forward towards happiness and away from troubling times like this.

Thank YOU, thank YOU for your generosity, for your giving.