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Mersia Gets Help with The Good Friend Program in Congo

03/07/2013 10:54


Africa Imports is now supporting a program called Good Friend in Congo. This is a unique program unlike any of the other orphanage projects we work with. Good Friend helps to support children who live in private homes who are very poor and are just one step away from being on the streets. Many times they are orphans who live with an extended family member. Right now we are supporting 57 children through Good Friend. This is up from about 30 kids one year ago. There are four African representatives who visit these children in their homes and distribute their food and make sure they are being properly cared for and the food is being given to them. Mersia is one of the newest children supported by Good Friend. He is 12-years-old and is living with his Aunt. His father died and his mother fled the home. Our representative, Barb, says the conditions are deplorable. He is now able to attend school and is being supported and visited by a counselor from Good Friend. We want to thank you for caring about these children. A percentage of each purchase you make from us is used towards feeding orphans or for programs like Good Friend. Check back regularly to see more about how you're able to make a difference in these children's lives. You can also find out more about how we help Africa here.