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News From Mpila Orphanage in Congo

09/19/2010 09:16


At Africa Imports, a percentage of every purchase is used to support several orphanages throughout Africa. One of these orphanages is the Mpila Orphanage in the Congo, where children can sleep and play in safety and good care. We recently got a letter from our representative at the orphanage. We thought we’d share it with you as a thank you for all your help and support through your purchases.

"Agée was one of 6 brothers and sisters. Their mother died, who was the breadwinner in home. Neighbors complained and the father agreed that the children be dispersed. The Dad kept the oldest with him. One family absorbed 1 of the children and 2 others are in another orphanage. Agée has one other brother with him here at Mpila, his name is Junior. They have been here at Mpila for about four weeks now. He stayed sad like this the whole time we were there. Junior did not want his picture taken - don't blame him at all, they are both still so fearful after the death of their mom and the rude dispersal allowed by their Dad. Brice has started a Bible Story series on David now. Pray that Agée will find our Father God. Thanks, Barb P.S. Marie Therese said again and again to thank you for the monies for helping with the opening of school. They bought the material and found a tailor that will do their school clothes for a good price. Some of the kids got new shoes. They have registered the kids in school - there is an initial fee of $10 for the whole school year. All the kids will get notebooks too from the monies." 

Please remember Agée and Junior in your thoughts and prayers! To find out more about how your purchases are used to support Africa just Click Here.