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People needing help during coronavirus lockdown

04/23/2020 13:48

Africa Imports has been able to help a number of people with special needs in Africa during the coronavirus era. Here are two people Magesa in Tanzania was able to help with a gift of $100. that we sent to him for this. Magesa is someone we have known for a long time. Because of the great trust we have in him, we felt comfortable having him distribute this money for us.

Here is what he wrote back with these photos (English is Magesa's third language by the way). Thanks for the money you sent, it really helped direct to the people who are in need and because of the corona virus, i distributed the fund to three people two people who where in need, one was a student who cold not manage to pay the house rent after the government announce all schools to be closed and go home to stay. so the owner of the room wanted rent and the parents were affected with corona meaning effected through economic. Another one a woman also one who she has been getting food through selling vegetables now she can't do that and the family are in need even food. Because of this hard time they do appreciate so much.