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    (0) Customer Spotlight Robin in Indianapolis, IN

    I love the butters! I bought them to test a formula for a conditioner and
    they are better than expected. I absolutely love them. I test my formulas
    on my family and they love it, too.
    ~ Robin in Indianapolis, IN 

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Marcella in Laurel, MD

    I really appreciate the fact that many African children benefit from their
    sales. My best selling item is the small Djembe Drum. My customers are
    always very satisfied.

    ~ Marcella in Laurel, MD

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Patricia in Pelahatchie, MS

    The products that I love are the fragrance oils and
    wellness soap. I am slowly finding my groove in what I
    like and my customers. I use every product before I
    promote and sell it. My end goal is to have  a small
    storefront for my family and my people.

    ~ Patricia in Pelahatchie, MS

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Miriam in Salisbury, NC

    I am doing business even in this pandemic,  but doing it very safe.
    There is no particular item that I can give a huge shout out about because
    its all been a great hit.

    ~ Miriam in Salisbury, NC

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Michelle in Chester, VA

    ~Michelle in Chester, VA

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Debbie in Cocoa, FL

    ~ Debbie in Cocoa, FL

    (0) Customer Spotlight

    With the pandemic, I knew I wanted to expand my business and include fragrance oils.
    (0) Customer Spotlight - Adrienne in Lithonia, GA

    I’ve been making body butter for years for family and friends. The hobby
    I love has been able to become another source of income without reducing
    the quality I want!

    ~ Adrienne in Lithonia, GA

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Andrew in Rantoul, IL

    14 yrs ago our daughter inquired why we weren't selling any of the products
    she had seen used and smelled...

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Tangya in Decatur, AL

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