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    (0) Customer Spotlight - Patricia in Pelahatchie, MS

    The products that I love are the fragrance oils and
    wellness soap. I am slowly finding my groove in what I
    like and my customers. I use every product before I
    promote and sell it. My end goal is to have  a small
    storefront for my family and my people.

    ~ Patricia in Pelahatchie, MS

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    (0) Why People Choose Natural African Shea Butter

    Karate tree is quite common in the localities of West Africa. The nuts are used to extract a buttery substance that is popularly used in making cosmetics and personal care products. Raw shea butter contains fruits as natural ingredients which delivers excellent results to its users. Over the years, ...

    (0) Best Superfood Powders That Support and Boost Your Immune System

    The world is changing very fast and so is the demand and responsibilities of your personal and professional life. It is hard to find time to concentrate on your well-being when you are extremely busy. Whether you are a family man or an athlete, a student or a busy mom, you will need proper nutrition...

    (0) Making a Difference

    African car pool!

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Miriam in Salisbury, NC

    I am doing business even in this pandemic,  but doing it very safe.
    There is no particular item that I can give a huge shout out about because
    its all been a great hit.

    ~ Miriam in Salisbury, NC

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    (0) Making a Difference

    Can you pass mask wearing 101?

    Maybe you are also better at wearing a mask than these first-year medical students in Zambia.

    (0) Customer Spotlight - Michelle in Chester, VA

    ~Michelle in Chester, VA

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