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    (0) Explore Unique & Traditional African Wholesale Products At Africa Imports

    Africa is popular for its rich tradition. Its sculptures, weaving, beading, jewelry & dresses are in high demand throughout the world. An art form from one region of Africa may differ from the other depending on values, customs, and beliefs. Different dresses, jewelry pieces, and accessories represe...

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    Africa Imports 

    (0) African Fabric Face Masks

    These may not be the very best way to keep away germs, but an African fabric face mask may be something perfect that you could make or sell during the next few months. If you are not someone who makes things, Monique can make them for you. Monique is one of our other customers who sells at markets, ...

    (0) March Specials - Giant closeout sale

    Our biggest March sale ever. Giant closeouts on popular products.                       See the huge savings here! Africa Imports has the largest selection anywhere in the US of authentic African art, clothing, oils, and more. Visit us here.

    (0) The Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019

    See the video here. See what others like most in this one minute video. The 10 best selling Instagram posts of Africa Imports in 2019.

    (0) Top 10 African Clothing Fashions of 2019

    See the video here See what others like most. Know what your own customers want from you – in this one minute video. The 10 best selling products from Africa Imports in 2019.

    (0) New Fabric Flier For February.

    More African Fabrics  than anywhere west of the Atlantic.

    The Fabric Flyer for February is now available. I hope you will take a few minutes though to see your new choices here.

    We are also getting a giant shipment of new mud cloth from Mali, West Africa next week. There's a lot right now, but the...

    (0) 25 New African Print Fabrics Available!
    Africa Imports has 25 new African prints to choose from. They are 100% cotton and measure 44" wide by 12 yards long. A very exquisite collection. We have from Ashanti Stool Gold Print designs to Egyptian Ankhs to Gye Nyame Gold print. Whether you are making breath-taking new fashions or redecorating...
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