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    (0) Top 10 Best Sellers For The Last 30 Days

    See all of the best sellers here

    (0) The Top 10 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019

    See the video here. See what others like most in this one minute video. The 10 best selling Instagram posts of Africa Imports in 2019.

    (0) New Fabric Flier For February.

    More African Fabrics  than anywhere west of the Atlantic.

    The Fabric Flyer for February is now available. I hope you will take a few minutes though to see your new choices here.

    We are also getting a giant shipment of new mud cloth from Mali, West Africa next week. There's a lot right now, but the...

    (0) Black Friday Weekend Sale
    Enjoy these Black Friday deals. Beginning Thanksgiving, save 40% OFF these great products.Order NOW! This sale ends Sunday, 11/25. Use coupon code "Blackfriday1" in the shopping cart or when you call to make your purchase.
    (0) African Fabrics - The History and Background - Part 1

    African Fabrics We all love African fabrics and clothing. The bright colors, distinctive designs, and hand-made quality give us something truly extraordinary that also has a rich cultural meaning. But is there more to know about African fabrics and why it is significant? Let's find out! In order of tradition and v...

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