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The Season of Miracles: 8 Year Old Francis Returns Home!

12/20/2011 12:59

A prayer was recently answered at Lake Tanganyika, an orphanage school in Zambia that consists of 60 local orphan children attending three classes, Playgroup, Grade 0 and Grade 1. As of October 2011, Lake Tanganyika is one of the newer orphanages that Africa Imports, through a percentage of every purchase you make, helps to support. 

At age eight, Francis was getting big enough to do some manual labor so, earlier this year, his grandparents took him and had him working as a slave in their house. In tattered clothes, Francis was working constantly doing dishes and washing clothes while the rest of the family ate meals, etc. The taking of Francis was justified by his grandfather as compensation for the "bride price" debt that Francis's father (no longer living) had not finished paying for Francis's mother (also no longer living). Thankfully, after 10 long months, the folks at Lake Tanganyika school were finally able to negotiate with the grandfather to get Francis back. By paying $500 to the maternal grandfather, Francis has returned to town; back living with the family he has grown up with and is back in school. 

Unfortunately, Francis's story is not unusual. Orphans in Mpulungu, Zambia are rejected and neglected. Many are shunned or are living in physically and/or emotionally abusive households. The work of Lake Tanganyika is so vitally important. Your purchases help to support these ongoing efforts. Francis's return home is, in large part, a direct result of your purchases. So, thank you from us here and thank you from Francis and the others at Lake Tanganyika. To learn more about Lake Tanganyika, as well as the other projects Africa Imports supports, CLICK HERE.