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What made you want to start selling African Products

09/13/2012 12:03

Are you the same as this customer? Are you looking for a new opportunity for your life? Do you have an African business now, and want to hear what others like you go through. One of our customers gave us her answers to some questions that you might want to hear. Carla in Katy TX told us about how she sells the most; her biggest success; her biggest failure; and some other things. I will copy her responses in a small series of blog articles so that you can get as much help from her experiences as possible. 

The first question is the title of this article; and her answer is shown below. How did Carla get her start in selling African products: In all honesty I can say I actually stumbled upon it. I was looking for natural products to use on my hair and through internet searching came across the Africa Imports website and was immediately drawn to it. After several days and several visits I came to a conclusion that creating a business opportunity out of offering the multitude of products offered through Africa Imports was something I really wanted to do. That combined with knowing that a portion of every profit would go to help African people pretty much sealed the deal for me and I decided to follow through and do it!