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Widow in Zambia Cries When She Gets Food After Coronavirus Lockdown



The coronavirus has caused tremendous economic problems for many people in Africa. We sent an extra $100.00 to Pharen in Zambia to give to some people who needed special help. Pharen is one of the strongest and most gentle people I have ever known. She normally helps younger women who have been abused in one way or another, by teaching them how to sew. She met the widow and child shown below (with Pharen who is smiling). The widow had no way of supporting herself, and was very depressed before this happened. She was completely surprised by the gift. She and the boy were both in tears from this experience.


As bad as the coronavirus problems are, there are many stories like this that come during these times as well. Hopefully what Pharen did is as beautiful for you as it is for us. Africa Imports