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Didn't Start With Slavery T-Shirt

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Proclaim the truth of black history with this Didn't Start With Slavery T-Shirt. Those stolen into slavery were people with lives and families. Though some schools focus solely on slavery, black history extends back far further. From the emergence of human life to the development of agriculture; from the ancient kingdoms of Egypt and Kush to the later kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and more; from the "Scramble for Africa" to the subsequent years of decolonization; African history is multi-layered and extensive. Whether you take this shirt as a reminder to study black history on your own, or you just want to proclaim the truth to the world, this shirt serves the message that black history isn’t limited to one period of time. From the ancient African kingdoms to today, there is plenty of African history to explore.

This black shirt features the phrase: “Black history didn’t start with slavery” written in white letters and a map of Africa in mudcloth patterns. Let this shirt serve as a reminder of how extensive black history actually is. Shirt available in SM, MD, LG, XL, and 2X. C-T403

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