How is Father's Day Celebrated in Africa?

Happy Father's Day!

With Father's Day just around the corner, we've had a lot of questions about how father's are shown appreciation Africa. So we did some research and hope you'll find the information helpful! Maybe you can even incorporate some of the African traditions into your Father's Day celebration this year.

In South Africa, Father's Day is celebrated on the third sunday in June. Marking the occasion, people express love and gratitude for their father and thank them for their great support and guidance. As a tradition, children will present their father with gifts such as flowers, cards, gourmet gifts, neckties, or any other present their father will love. Many people in South Africa will enjoy a picnic on Father's Day, and many will spend the afternoon fishing for a dinner feast.

The other three countries that celebrate Father's Day in Africa are Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Uganda. Uganda, however, celebrates Father's Day on the 23rd of June each year. Because it's hard to find a lot of information on father's day traditions in Africa, we thought we'd post some African proverbs that commemorate fathers. Put one of these proverbs on a card to your father or use it as a centerpiece on your table this year!

"If you know his father and grandfather, don't worry about his son." - African Proverb

"The son shoots a leopard; the father is proud." - Congolese Proverb

"When you follow in the path of your father, you learn to walk like him." - Ghanaian Proverb

"A mother is gold, a father is a mirror." - Nigerian proverb.

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