Lake Tanganyika School

Transforming Lives in Zambia

Who They Are:

Lake Tanganyika is a school that consists of 150 local orphan children attending six classes. Many orphans in Mpulungu, Zambia are rejected and neglected and also undernourished physically. Many are shunned or are living in physically and/or emotionally abusive households. After even a year of loving care and sound teaching, these children are more healthy emotionally and physically. The children are taught by Zambian teachers who have been trained at Teacher Training College. They also receive breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. Each child is given a school uniform and is educated about how to have good hygiene. Even while they are taught skills like math and reading, they are shown God’s love. Teachers visit the homes of the orphans each Saturday to connect with their guardians and to gain better understanding of the situation each child is coming from.

How Much Do We Give To Lake Tanganyika School?

Starting in July 2011, Africa Imports began supporting this orphan school on Lake Tanganyika. As of December 2018, Africa Imports has given $92,610 to this school. We also pay the wages for several teachers here, and pay $1,000 a month to support this work on an ongoing basis.

See all of the kids that graduated from this school in December 2014 here.