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    Tuareg Jewelry

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    Woven Tuareg Bracelet: Set Of 12

    Hand woven plastic bracelets that are brightly colored, flexible, and fun for everyone.

    Various sizes and colors at an unbeatable price. Have an assortment of your own now!

    Made in Mali.


    Wholesale Price$3.95

    Tuareg Gofed Pendant Earrings


    Gofed pendants are an important part of African culture. They identify the home of the individual wearing them. They were traditionally given to a young man upon reaching adulthood in the village of Gofed. Wear these this authentic piece of African craftsmanship. The earrings are shaped like the traditional Gofed symbol and engraved with traditional symbols. J-TE021

    Wholesale Price$5.95

    Tuareg Silver Earrings - Pendant

    Hand-made by the Tuareg people of North Africa, known around the globe for their skill in jewelry making, and especially silver design. These real virgin silver earrings are a compliment to any wardrobe. J-TE020
    Wholesale Price$5.95

    Tuareg Silver Earrings - Hoops w/Black

    Tuareg Silver Hoop Earrings
    Let your ears glisten with the lustre of Tuareg silver. These earrings are hand-crafted from authentic Tuareg silver; which is an alloy of silver and copper. Made in Niger. J-TE051
    Wholesale Price$7.95