Woman showing love to others in need

Pharen in Zambia

One of the people in Africa who Africa Imports sends money to is Pharen. Pharen lives in Zambia where she teaches sewing and some other work skills to women who have suffered abuse. Pharen had been doing this work almost full time as a volunteer with no pay for many years before we met her in 2018. She receives only $100./month from us (a small amount by even African standards), but this is enough for her to live on with her very simple lifestyle.

When the coronavirus started, we sent some extra money to Pharen and some other people we know to use helping others who had really big needs. After talking with Pharen about this, it seemed to be such a help, that we kept sending $250 extra to her each month, This has now been sent for about a year and a half. With this much money she has been making a big difference for a lot of people. There are a few people who she helps regularly, and other people who she has helped when there has been an especially hard event in their life.

Getting notes from Pharen or talking with her on Whatsapp is always a special experience. She is now constantly watching for other people in need, and is able to help different people in very special ways. She certainly makes this money go a long ways. As someone who has never had extra money herself, she is very careful with who she decides to help.

Pharen is a very committed to her Christian faith. When she talks about helping others, she talks about how it is a spiritual experience for her. Here is something that she wrote to me a couple of weeks ago when telling about how this work is going.

Have been really enjoying helping others with the money and it makes me feel great. It has helped my prayer life to grow more because I have to pray and ask for Gods directions of whom to give or help.

• I prayed for a divine person to help and I met this lady , Her mind is a bit disturbed and she as 6 children and men have been making her pregnant without leaving a trace.The day I met her she was picking food from the restaurant bins and that really touched my heart . This has made me to put her on a monthly help together with the other 3 old vulnerable women.

• I also payed school fees for the children that are coming from vulnerable homes.

• There was a lady who gave birth in my area she had no baby clothes and food, I bought everything she needed at that time.

• I thank God and you for making it possible for me to do this . Doing this makes me feel that Gods will is happening in my life and their lives. Every time when I am doing this I am learning and knowing Gods ways of helping in my life and their lives.