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Thank you for helping to support orphans like this one

07/11/2012 12:31

 Thank you for helping her

At Africa Imports, a percentage of every purchase is used to support orphanages in Congo, Uganda, Zambia and more. Your purchases help to provide meals, medicine, clothing, housing, and education for these children. We were recently contacted by a vendor of ours who makes African clothing. She knew an orphan girl who was struggling with digestive complications and was unable to put on weight. The girl needed surgery very badly, and so we sent $500. towards her surgery. 

This is the note she sent about the young girl: "She is suffering from digestive complications,and needs a corrective surgery to aid digestion. She is six but looks like a two years old baby. She has been very sickly. When she was taken to the hospital the pediatrician prescribed complan whole protein meal and milk. Very expensive. She has been on it for the past two years but is still malnourished. Her visit to the doctor last week gave a clue to what her problem is. The food she eats does not digest. Attached is Blessing with my husband." 

Since receiving this email and receiving our donation towards the girls surgery, our friend has also received donations from a church in Upstate New York. Thanks to all of this the girl was able to get the surgery she needed. We just want to say thank you for your purchases. If it weren't for them we wouldn't be able to have this money to send to her. This is just one of many who's lives have been affected by your purchases. Thank you. If you want to find out more about what we do in Africa just Click Here.