New School For Orphans


For the last 10 years, Africa Imports has been supporting Good News School in Zambia. This school serves orphan children and children from homes without enough money to pay for the public school costs. You can see the kids from a visit we made to the school about 3 ½ years ago in a video here  

After many years on the shore of Lake Tanganyika, the lake level has risen so much that the school property and buildings will no longer be usable soon. Some other people in Europe have helped to pay for this new school building (attached photo). Compared to the buildings that the school used before, this is a very nice building.

Your purchases from Africa Imports pay the wages for many of the teachers at Good news school. This also pays for at least one meal each day for the kids, and for some of the other costs of running this school. There are over 200 children who are receiving an education and meals from the purchases you make from Africa Imports. Thanks to some other donors, they now have a much better building to receive an education with.