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The D'Jembe Drum Community

05/06/2009 15:04

D'Jembe drum music has long been a way for people to communicate and celebrate special occasions in Africa. For a number of years now, it has become a more fulfilling way for people to socialize and celebrate here in the US. In Sub-Saharan Africa, playing the D'Jembe drum nearly always accompanies special events like weddings, religious services, funerals, and parties.

It's not only a way for people to celebrate, but also a way for the community to express something through music. Music is nearly always used as a form of communication in Africa, with different tones sending different messages. If you play a D'Jembe drum, are interested in learning, or would like to find a way to socialize with other drummers, then you should see if there is a drum circle in your area. Drum circles are great ways to play, learn and meet with other drummers. You can Click Here to go to a page that lists drum circles across the country. Want to find more articles about African music? Just Click Here. You can also visit the Africa Imports web site to find many African musical instruments available to own.