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Update from Moukondo Orphanage

06/21/2012 12:40

Moukondo Orphanage

A Day at Moukondo Orphanage

We just received a note from our contact in Africa who helps us get the money into the right places and get the food and necessities to the children that we help to support there. Here's what she said: "These 8 sitting on the bench are the ones that understood the message so well today. Each one of them could quote Jeremiah 29:11. How we pray they will understand the height, width, depth, and length of the Father's love for each of them. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your heart for orphans." 

These children may all vary in age but all share similar struggles. Most are found living on the streets or treated like slaves in abusive homes, or just left abandoned with no one to look after them. From the work we do here, along with your help, we are able to get these children nutritious meals, safe living quarters, and even have a chance at learning. Africa Imports was founded to help people with financial needs in Africa. The more you sell, the more people in Africa can thrive in their own businesses, and the more funds can circulate through these communities and support the orphanages in Africa. There is much hope. If not already, become a reseller now and enjoy immeasurable rewards. Learn more here. Discover more about how we help Africa here.