Why Organic, Natural Soap is The Best For Your Skin



More and more people are seeking out organic skin care to suit their needs, and it's not hard to see why. Organic, natural skincare is free from pesticides, detergents, and chemicals that only worsen your skin, particularly if you have sensitive or dry skin. Many soaps are loaded with fragrance and dyes, which can cause acne flare-ups and irritate sensitive skin. Organic, natural skin care takes the best of what mother nature has to offer, giving you the kind of healing that people have used for centuries; particularly in Africa.

Where can I get Organic, Natural Soaps? Nubian Heritage soaps are each organic and made with all-natural materials. Nubian Heritage's innovative concept of cultural healing blends indigenous ingredients and healing philosophies, drawn from African, Hispanic and Asian cultures, into modern natural and organic products that address the specific needs of all cultures. The soaps are made from natural, herbal and aromatic recipes that help to bring balance to the body, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Natural ingredients and customized fragrance profiles are designed to bring balance, which Nubian Heritage believes is at the root of all healing. These essential oil blends help to uplift the senses, calm, and help in the healing process of the skin. 

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