Congolese Songye Mask

Congolese Songye Mask

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Assorted Congolese Songye Masks, but can't be specified. Approx. 8" - 10" wide and 12" - 16" long. Made in Congo. A-WC762
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A-WC755 Baga Snake Wood Carving This snake is a powerful symbol in African culture and has been seen as a symbol of fertility, healing, reincarnation and worshiped for centuries. The serpentine shape of the Baga Snake Wood Carving is reminiscent of snakes and the face that is carved on it recalls those we have loved and lost. These are unique pieces of African are that are hand crafted in Kenya. No two are alike, and none can be specified. The carving is approximately 28” long and 4-5” wide.A-WC755
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Pono masks represent idealized female ancestors' faces. The white color of the mask is genderless; white is a symbol for peace, deities, spirits of the dead, and the afterlife. It is thus the predominating color in funeral celebrations and memorials. Therefore the masks were worn during funerals. They appeared also in the magical rites whose function was to unmask sorcerers. The masks have realistic, mostly white but sometimes black faces with protruding pursed lips, globular protruding eyes incised with a curve, high-domed foreheads, and characteristic rigid high coiffures reflecting the Punu women's hair styles.

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Wooden African Chiwara Statue: Large

Stylized Chiwara. One of the more ornate and symbolic carvings, the chi wara represents the spirit of good fortune for agriculture in West Africa. In ancient times most of the Sahara desert was covered with vegatation. As time passed, and the vegetation died, the animals migrated to other areas. The antelope was one of the last animals to leave the area. To see an antelope became a sign of hope and prosperity. Each carved piece is a unique wooden sculpture Can be ownes as a pair, male and female. A handsome and spiritual piece to be added to your home or office. Stands approx. 16-22" tall. Made in Mali A-WC162
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Each piece is different, no two are alike. Exact colors and designs cannot be requested or guaranteed.

Sku: M-F090
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90