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    Set Of 12 Assorted Kaftans

    Availability: 3 in stock
    SKU: C-WF499
    Retail Price: $198.00
    Most kaftans are 100% rayon for easy-fitting comfort (fabric type might vary and not always be rayon). Each is one size fits all for added appeal.
    Packing Weight : 9.38 lb(s)
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    Get all the looks you'll ever need
    Have a brand new style for any occasion with this set of twelve kaftans. Get twelve stunning new looks that you can wear anywhere, anytime! Most kaftans are 100% rayon for easy-fitting comfort (fabric type might vary and not always be rayon). Each is one size fits all for added appeal. Kaftans normally vary in each set. Kaftans shown are representative only. Set varies in assortment. Most Kaftans are made in India. C-WF499

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    Barbara | 5/14/2015 4:28 AM
    I would have to agree with …
    I would have to agree with one of customer reviews. Don't like the feel of polyester on skin. Not pleased with the stitching on sides. The benefit of keeping this dozen is the fact I can see to adjust my fit to make it a skirt and top or take out side stitch and restitch to fit my hips.
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    Normia | 3/22/2014 9:49 AM
    I've ordered these assortme…
    I've ordered these assortment in the past.  I'm disappointed in the changes that have transpired.  A personal dislike for the drawstring (the majority)  the material, and designs left me underwhelmed.  Unfortunate that most outfits are not 100% rayon or at least 100% cotton and the designs are not more ethnically (African) oriented. Doubtful I'll order this again.
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    Carolyn | 2/18/2013 5:19 AM
    Gorgeous assortment!! Very …
    Gorgeous assortment!! Very pleased. I had planned to just wear them around the house but I ended up wearing 2 to church during Black History Month.
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    Takuna | 8/17/2012 5:37 AM
    For the most part I am sati…
    For the most part I am satisfied with most of the products.  However, I am returning at least one due to it not being clean. One of the item I had cleaned due to the fact my customer didn't want to wait  for you to send another.  I am also returning several other jewelry items for the same reason. I love the products but I had this problem in the past.  To my regret, I never mentioned it because I know as a person in business sometime things like that happen.  Please exchange my items when they arrive and I will assume the problem will be solve for future orders. Thank you!
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    Suprina | 6/10/2012 10:35 PM
    Well, I can''t speak for an…
    Well, I can''t speak for any customer, but I can speak for me. Me and my people love these products and where them. We know that some we made need leggons but for the most we get great compliments until not I am selling them. Thanks to all who made this happen.
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    Najmah | 9/2/2010 7:09 PM
    The material of most of the…
    The material of most of the assortments cannot be worn outside because they are so thin. There are only 3 that I can wear out; however when I decided to order, I really believed that the material would be a better quality than house wear lounging.  I agree with the client above in that the pictures were very misleading.
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    Marilyn M. | 9/1/2010 8:18 AM
    Upon closer inspection, 5 o…
    Upon closer inspection, 5 of the 12 did not have their sides stitched and/or have holes in them as if were ""stitched"", but no thread in needle.  I see the description has still yet to change (All 100% Rayon), despite being brought to attention of CSR & Owner on different occasions.  What had Originally seemed like ""Incredible Value & Beautiful Kaftans"" has turned into a major disappointment. I am a bit leary of ordering individual Kaftans, since several of these are listed individually in catalogue & I was assured by owner that this ""set of 12"" is not returned goods.  
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    Marilyn M. | 8/25/2010 6:57 AM
    Incredible Value & Beautifu…
    Incredible Value & Beautiful Kaftans!  That said, they are NOT ALL 100% RAYON. In my order, 4 were 100% rayon, 4 were 100% Cotton, & 4 were either 100% poly or a poly/cotton blend.  Several of these are not located on website nor in catalogue; thus, no reorders of particular item?  Would have rated 5 Stars, but not crazy about Polyester nor how description is misleading.
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