What to do when business is slow




What to do when times are slow:

Almost every business has its slow times and its busy times. You can't stop
working when times are slow, and still get the success you need when the
busy times come. We know it is very hard to work for low pay during the off
seasons. This article tells you what to do to get the most out of all the
different seasons of your business.

What causes your slow seasons? 
Your business may be seasonal because of where you are. If you have a store
on the beach, you are slow in the winter. If you are in a mall, business is
slower in the summer. If you are in a resort that is seasonal, then you
will probably sell the most when the resort is busiest.

Your business can also be seasonal because of what you sell. Back to school
items sell best in fall; gifts for mothers sell best around Christmas and
Mother's day; and so on.

It is important to know what seasons are best for the different things that
you sell, so that you have what you need when you need it. Hardware stores
need snow shovels on the first day that it snows, fashion outlets need new
styles whenever the weather changes. If your customers come to you for gift
items, you need to have new ideas when they come.

A big mistake that a lot of people in business make is to be run by their
emotions. When business is good, you think that it will stay good forever.
When business is slow, you feel like it will never be busy again. If times
are slow in October, and your business thrives during the holidays, you
still need to plan for Christmas. Christmas and Kwanzaa come every year.
If you are only prepared for things to be slow, and lots of new customers
show up, your business cannot have the success that you want.


What to do when business is slow. 
First of all, get ready for business to speed back up. You have time to make
improvements now that you will not be able to make later.

You can find and try out new product ideas, so that you have the fastest
selling ideas when times get busy. You can keep in contact with your better customers, and give them extra attention now. You can find new customers or at least find out where they will be when business speeds up again. You can organize your time and yourself to be in the right place at the right time with the right ideas a little later.

When business is slow, you can give your customers much more attention. Ask
them what they want from you. Find out what they will need soon. Find out
why they come to you instead of going someplace else. This builds a
stronger bond with you and your customers, and it gives you the knowledge
you need to build a better business.

Africa Imports offers a very wide variety of products. This means that you
can always find something that will sell fast for you. When it is a slow
season for some things, other items are more popular. So be sure that you
have the merchandise that people want right now.

When times are busy, you want to have as much available as you can. But you
can't simply order a lot of new things without knowing what will work best
for your customers. You can find out what your customers want most by
testing new ideas when times are slower.

When times are busy, your business will be with customers who found you
during the slower times. If you are not courting these new customers when
business is slow, you will not get the better business when things speed up.

Slow times are perfect times for having price specials. If you have
something that has been around for much too long (maybe six months or a
year), drop the price a lot and let people know. This moves your
inventory out, and you can re-sell a faster moving item several times in the
same time that the slower moving item would have sold only once (or not at
all). If you tell possible new customers about a big price special, you can
find new customers who will come back to you later. When times are slow,
you can make a promotion that you mail, email, or phone some of your
customers about. Even if people don't buy what you have now, this will help
them to remember you when times get better.

Has your business failed?

The worst thing about slow times is that it feels as if your business has
failed. The good news is that it has not. For African products, Christmas
is the second busiest time of the year; and February is the busiest. Just
like a farmer who plants now and harvests later; if you plant the seeds for
new business now, your business can grow more in just a little while.


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