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Kenyan Gourd Calabash Bowl - 5-6"

Kenyan Gourd Calabash Bowl is 5-6" in diameter and 4" high. Made in Kenya. M-W041
Sku: M-W041
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Himalayan Salt lamp with adjustable dial for brightness. 8" high. 5" wide. O-176

Salt lamps or HPS (Himalayan Pink Salt) lamps are essentially large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside. They offer a nice warm glow when lit and may be beneficial for indoor air quality.

Sku: O-176
Wholesale: $14.95 Retail: $29.90

Kenyan Gourd Calabash Bowl - 7-8"

Kenyan Gourd Calabash Bowl is 7"-8" in diameter and 5" high. Made in Kenya. M-W042
Sku: M-W042
Wholesale: $11.95 Retail: $23.90

Bolga Basket - Large

Sku: M-W043
Wholesale: $24.95 Retail: $49.90

Bolga Basket - Small

Sku: M-W044
Wholesale: $11.95 Retail: $23.90

DAMAGED Maasai Shield - Full Size

**Bargain Basement items are marked down due to slight damage, staining or other qualities that might warrant a return. ALL SALES FINAL. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR THIS PACKAGE
Sku: BB-0074
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $9.95

Area Rug - African Elephant

Sku: F-906
Wholesale: $17.95 Retail: $35.90

Ugandan Raffia Place Mat

Ugandian Raffia Place Mat. Hand-made from raffia leaves. 16" wide. 13" long. No two are alike and may not reflect what is photographed. Made in Uganda. M-F307
Sku: M-F307
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Maasai Spear: Regular Size

Only for the Brave!
Own a symbol of courage and artistry with this unbelievable hand-made spear. The handle of the spear has a wood-burned design that intensifies its uniqueness. Similar to the ones used by Maasai warriors throughout Africa. Own this tantalizing work of art today! Please keep out of reach of children. Price shown is for single spear. Photo shown may be of two spears. Not all spears come with sheaths. Made in Kenya. W-S063
Sku: W-S063
Wholesale: $17.95 Retail: $35.90

Ugandan Raffia Table Runner

Sku: M-F306
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Ugandan Raffia Table Set

M-F308 Ugandan Raffia Table Set Set your table with this unique Ugandan Raffia Table Set. This set contains one table runner and six place mats. They are handmade from raffia leaves for a special African design to add to your décor. You choose from a variety of colors. Table runner is 13” wide x Approximately 35”- 41” long. Table mats are 16” wide x 13” long. No two are alike and may not reflect what is photographed. Each are individually made in Uganda.
Sku: M-F308
Wholesale: $27.95 Retail: $55.90

Mud Cloth Pillow

Sku: M-F206
Wholesale: $29.95 Retail: $59.90