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Maasai Shield - Large

Sku: W-120
Wholesale: $29.95

Goatskin Patchwork Throw Rug - 5 Ft.

Sku: F-101
Wholesale: $79.95

Maasai Spear: Regular Size

Sku: W-S063
Wholesale: $15.95

Maasai Shield - Full Size

Sku: W-121
Wholesale: $27.95

Area Rug - African Elephant

Sku: F-906
Wholesale: $21.95

Area Rug - Black Panther

Sku: F-905
Wholesale: $21.95

Kente Design Table Set #1

Sku: M-F305
Wholesale: $39.95

Area Rug - Lion

Sku: F-904
Wholesale: $21.95

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Sku: O-176
Wholesale: $14.95

DAMAGED Maasai Shield - Full Size

**Bargain Basement items are marked down due to slight damage, staining or other qualities that might warrant a return. ALL SALES FINAL. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR THIS PACKAGE
Sku: BB-0074
Wholesale: $9.95

African Safari Shield: Assorted Animals

Sku: W-123
Wholesale: $27.95

Maasai Sword

Sku: W-S068
Wholesale: $7.95