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Fulani Straw Hat - Extra Large

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Avoid the intensity of the sun's rays with this Fulani Straw Hat - Extra Large.  This hat will protect you from the hot sun so you can keep cool as you go about your day. This traditional hat is a trademark African headpiece from the Fulani people of West Africa. It is typically worn by the Wodaabe, a nomadic cattle-herder subgroup of the Fulani. Woven together with plant fibers and ornamented with leather, this hat is a stunningly effective way to protect yourself from the sun. This extra large hat ensures the sun stays out of your face and blocks much of the heat so that you can remain cool all day long. The adjustable chin strap helps you wear the hat comfortably without having to worry about it falling off or dislodging. This hat also serves as a beautiful collector's item that would look great displayed as a wall decoration (it includes a loop at the top that makes it easy to hang from a hook). Get a stunning piece of African cultural significance with this extra large Fulani straw hat. Hats are pressed in for shipping by default. If you want the hat to be sent to you un-compressed, please mention this in the comments section of your order, and your hat will be packed this way. Oversized shipping means that an uncompressed hat will cost approximately $40. for shipping. Ordering 4+, compressed or not, will incur oversized shipping. Hat measures approximately 19.5" across and is 10.5" tall. Opening has a 11.5" diameter. C-H136


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