How to get People to Remember You

Every sale counts when you are starting or growing a business. Every customer counts for more. So how can you get more customers (and possible customers) to remember you better?

One easy first step is to know the best way to introduce yourself to potential new customers. Some people will call this an elevator speech, because it should be short enough to use with someone you meet in an elevator ride. Here’s how it works.

When you introduce yourself, instead of saying “My name is Mary Smith. I sell African products.”, say something like ” My name is Mary Smith, I help people to own clothing artwork and other creations from Africa at prices that have never been available before”. Or if your customer is more interested in skin care products: “My name is Mary Smith, I help people have healthy skin and to stay young longer”.

You can come up with an elevator speech in the next few minutes. Here’s how you do it. First, write down all of the benefits that you can think of that someone else gets from doing business with you. Next, just incorporate these benefits into your introduction. Instead of telling someone about the products that you sell, focus on the benefits that customers get when they buy these products.

There are dozens of other practices that you can start using that will help you grow faster. You can find a lot of these right here in previous blog articles. The key is to knowing and using all of the tools and options that you have to make each situation work best. If you write your elevator speech now; and practice using it over and over again until it sounds the way that you want; and you do this right now; you will be that much more competent and capable when you wake up tomorrow.

If you need more help, email me any time at My name is Wayne Kiltz, I help people grow businesses that are fun and profitable with product ideas from Africa.

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