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    (0) Does Tea Tree Oil REALLY Heal Acne? Find Out With This New Infographic!

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    (0) Is Natural Skin Care Actually Better?

    Today there are a lot of options for skin care. That means a lot of choices you need to make; and a lot of different types of skin care products to think about when you make choices. A major thing to consider are the ingredients in the skin care products you pick. Are the ingredients all natural? Wh...

    (0) Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils: What's the Difference?

    Bottles with basics oils isolated on white

    Essential oils are so popular now that you almost can't avoid them. In fact, nowadays there are "essential oil wars" where people involved in pyramid marketing schemes engage in verbal fights and arguments over who has the best, purest essential oil. It can be easy to feel frustrated with trying t...

    (0) How Tea Tree Oil Can Heal Sun Damage

    Tea Tree Oil - 4 oz.

    Tea Tree Oil - 4 oz.

    Tea tree oil is one of nature's most effective ways to soothe or prevent a sunburn. It has very strong analgesic properties that help to calm and relieve pain and stinging. For immediate sunburn relief, dilute one part pure tea tree oil with ten parts olive oil or coconut oil...

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