Getting More Catalog Sales


Here's an idea that has worked great for one of our customers. He has gotten dozens of new customers; and extra sales from the retail catalogs he gives out; and it's a really easy thing to do.

Instead of giving the catalog to customers by itself, this customer puts a sticker on each catalog saying 25% off the prices shown. According to him, this brings in dramatically more calls; people keep the catalog longer; and look through it more often.

If you want to try this idea, here are three ways to get even more customers. These are all proven advertising concepts. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain by trying these ideas.

You can change the sticker to say 20% off if you call me before (WRITE IN A DATE). A deadline helps people to act sooner.

You can change the offer to $5.00 off on any order of $25. or more (which is actually a smaller discount - if you think about it for a minute). Many people do not figure out percents; or can not do the math quickly in their head. In hundreds of catalog tests by different companies, giving a dollar amount discount almost always gets better response than a percent off discount.

You can change the offer to "Get a free bar of African soap" (or fill in the name of your favorite product), with any order. The free gift will not only cost you less than the cash discount, it also lets you expose your customers to new products that they might not try otherwise. So you now get the chance for future sales of this new product to these same people, who may not have even known about it without this offer.

The best way to sell more, is to make things easier for your customers. Here is one more way you can make life easier for your customers when you are selling from the Africa Imports catalogs.

Normally you will sell a lot more by having products on hand than you ever will from a catalog alone. For each person who will look at a catalog photo and then buy something from you, there are probably 20 other people who will buy from you if they can hand you the money, and walk away with their new purchase. The Africa Imports retail catalog is a great tool, but you are losing most of your potential new customers if you do not have at least a few popular and inexpensive items on hand. Soaps, oils, and sample jars of shea butter are inexpensive to keep on hand, and let you build up your list of new customers much faster and easier than having just a catalog alone.





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