Mothers' Day in Africa

An African Mother and Baby

What's Mother's day like in Africa? With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's interesting to know. Maybe there's something we're missing here. How important is Mother's day in Africa?

In many countries in Africa, Mother's Day is seen and celebrated the same as it is here in the US. There are some traditions that are unique to Africa though. In South Africa, people were red or pink carnations for mothers who are living while a white carnation is worn as a symbol of mothers who are dead. In much of Africa, Mother's Day is taken as an opportunity to thank not just mothers but also grand mothers and women who are like mothers. Other traditions across the continent include making breakfast for the mother so that she can sleep later, and children making homemade gifts for their mother.

Motherhood in Africa is taken very seriously, and mothers are very revered and considered to be a central part in the family and in a child's life. Most women in many parts of Africa desire to be mothers more than almost anything else in life. In Pygmy culture, after having a child the mother and father lift the baby towards the sky and pray: "To Thee, the Creator, to Thee, the Powerful, I offer this fresh bud, new fruit of the ancient tree. Thou art the Master, we thy children. To Thee, the Creator, to Thee, the Powerful God, I offer this new plant" There's more to know about Mother's Day in Africa that can enrich your own life. I hope this Mother's Day is special for you, your family, and your mother. You can see a selection of African Mother's Day gifts on the Africa Imports web site by Clicking Here