One trait of a successful entrepreneur

One thing that makes some people more successful than others in starting their own businesses is that they keep learning.

Studies have shown that up to 90% of people don’t really want to learn new things. They might say they do, and think that they want to learn, but when there is work involved in learning, they do something else instead. That’s probably why most professions require continuing education to stay certified. Most people will not learn anything new if they aren't forced to.

Other traits of a successful entrepreneur are that they have a high need for achievement; a high level of self discipline; and a willingness to take risks.

Are you a learner? What have you studied or learned lately? Are you acting with discipline and trying new ideas without a complete guarantee of success? You don’t need to be born this way; but you will have more success in your business if you act like other people who are successful.

Africa Imports has dozens of business tools and free articles that show you how to succeed in an African business. There are thousands of other free resources to help you grow your business faster. Make sure that you are doing what you need to for your success, and learn or start doing something new today.