Signs can make you money

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Signs can work for you. You can get new customers with signs that grab attention. Your regular customers will remember you easier when your signs remind them of you. Signs can help you give better customer service when they help your customers find the best ideas for them; and signs save you time by working for you when you are busy with other things.

In this article you will see how two basic types of signs can make your business to grow faster; how to get signs; and you will hear how one vendor in an outdoor market used signs to get more business than other vendors.

Her signs brought her more customers, even though she had less popular products.

Basic Signs - What They Do

Because people need to know who you are, you want to have a basic sign with your name or company name. This sign can also show your address, phone number, and website. A basic sign like this brings you more business because it makes it easier for people to find you. It also helps your customers to remember you easier later. The more times they see your sign, the more likely it is that they will remember you when they need something you offer.

Special Information Signs

These signs sell for you. You can see them in almost any grocery store or department store. They say things like: "$10. off"; "Summer Favorites"; "Buy one, and get a second for half price" or "Never seen before". They tell your customers why they want to look further. They get peoples interest, and they bring you more sales.

Each year I go to several African festivals. I always watch to see what types of people attend; what products they look at most; and which vendors get the most business. Two months ago I went to one of these festivals in Brooklyn with over 100 vendors. I walked through the whole area, going past each booth at least three times. There was one booth that was packed with people each time I passed. The products at this booth were less popular than what was in some of the other booths. I knew this because we sell so many of these different products; and because other booths with the same types of products were empty of customers. So why did so many customers go to this persons booth?

There was a big crowd the first two times that I walked by, so I couldn't see everything, and I did not stop to look. The last time that I walked past, I was determined to find out what made this booth so popular. There were fewer people the last time I went by, and you could now see instantly why so many people came to this booth. There were two signs in the front of this booth - one on either side. The first sign said "$1.00 for anything in this basket" the other sign said "$2.00 for everything in this basket".

These signs told people passing by that they would find something they can buy really easy here. The person in the booth could have never gotten this many people to stop into her booth without these signs.


How do You Get Signs

There are dozens of sign companies in any phone book. If you call one of these companies, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10.00 for a small cardboard to thousands of dollars for something big and elaborate.

You can make your own sign. Using your imagination can help you to create the perfect sign for your business. If you make things, making your own sign can help your business stand out and be remembered easier.

Normally you are best to invest money in a better sign than you can make.

Signs can pay for themselves over and over again. That's why you see so many of them everywhere else. Making good use of signs can help you grow a successful business faster.

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