The D'Jembe Drum Community


D'Jembe drum music has long been a way for people to communicate and celebrate special occasions in Africa. For a number of years now, it has become a more fulfilling way for people to socialize and celebrate here in the US. In Sub-Saharan Africa, playing the D'Jembe drum nearly always accompanies special events like weddings, religious services, funerals, and parties.

It's not only a way for people to celebrate, but also a way for the community to express something through music. Music is nearly always used as a form of communication in Africa, with different tones sending different messages. If you play a D'Jembe drum, are interested in learning, or would like to find a way to socialize with other drummers, then you should see if there is a drum circle in your area.

Drum circles are great ways to play, learn and meet with other drummers. Want to find more articles about African music? Just Click Here