What first impression do your products give?

“As usual, I was extremely pleased with timing in which I received my order and the quality. I recently relocated from Chicago to Kansas City and I am working on establishing a client base here. The superb quality of the products you provide is making the transition quite easy. Thank you!”

~ Denean from Kansas City, KS

“Thank you for following-up with me. I am highly impressed by the quality of the products I ordered and very excited to add authentic African products to my product line. Also, a couple of friends and a local business have even expressed an interest in selling the products. Hurray!

Letitia from Roanoke, VA

Most of us go through a routine each day to make sure we are presentable.
We want to give a good first impression to the other people that we will
meet through the day.

Why do we do this? Because we know it's important. Other people form their
opinion of you within the first few seconds of seeing you. Your clothes,
grooming and appearance determine a lot about how you will be perceived and
treated by the people you meet. It works the same way with your store or

What is the first impression that people get from your store or display?
How can you make sure that customers and possible new customers get the best
first impression? Here are two fast ways.

  1. Look at your storefront and your product displays one at a time. What
    grabs your attention. What do you notice if you only look for a moment?
    What do you not notice? You can probably find dozens of ways to make your
    displays work better fast. Set aside some time to make your fast
    inspections right away...before you forget.
  2. Ask others for their opinions. Customers who you are close to and know
    well are great for this. Other vendors or store owners are also good
    (probably better). See what other people say and try making whatever fast,
    easy, and logical improvements that you can.
  3. Take photos. Take some fast before and after pictures of your display.
    Ask people which ones they like best. Ask people what they notice first and
    what they notice most in each picture.

How much is all this activity worth? A good display can sell so much more
than a poor one can. Even if only one person sees something that they buy
(and that they would have missed otherwise), consider how much have you
"earned" from the 10 minutes of thinking and rearranging that you have done?
Multiply this amount by 6 to see how much you are getting in an hour. If
you spend 10 minutes thinking about and changing each display; and each
display sells an extra $10. a week for you; you have made an extra $60. in
sales for just one hour of thinking and fixing.

And that's for just the first week. Without doing anything more you will
get the same extra $60 in sales each week from now on. Keep making more and
more small improvements, and you will grow your business faster than you
thought possible over time.

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